Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My day is runined!

I belly laughed at this scenario this evening! Jackson had a great day today. He went to school where they had music class and he has a music note stamp. Score! Then, he and Julia went to Ms. Ann's house for the afternoon which is an amazing place to explore. He made a scarecrow for the garden he helped plant. Then jumped on the trampoline with Mr. Charles (Ann's husband) and Tyler (Ann's 4yr old grandson). Only to get home at 7pm. What a great day!!

After a tickle session with mommy and daddy to change into PJs, he wanted to play Wii bowling. I said "No, let's do that tomorrow. You really should get ready for bed." To which I heard, "My day is RUINED!" REALLY! Ruined! Laughing very hard, I thought one game would save the day. He then proceed to slaughter his dad with a record score of 171 and daddy 147! Killer skills at 4! That made my day:)

1 comment:

  1. DRAMA! I tell you!!

    That sounds like a freaking fan-tabulous day! What a good mom you are! :)