Saturday, August 6, 2011

Escape to Sweetwater Lake

I've been missing in action for many reasons. One reason is because we took our summer vacation to Indiana to see my husband's family. For the past 4 years, we've been meeting up at his aunt and uncle's lake cottage - it's adorable! She's an interior designer with great taste! Here's some snap shots from the trip.

Julia being cute....I noticed I've added more pictures of her in this blog than Jackson. I think 3 is an adorable age. They just act different!

PJs, paci, and princess shoes.... the perfect combo!

Julia with her cousin, Avery.

The kid crew! Missing one...the new baby, Ellison.

The beach at the lake

Seaweed... eeew!!

Julia is taking it all in.

A must of our vacation is to venture over to the Apple Works. It's an apple orchard with a petting zoo. The grounds are beautiful!

Plus, there's ice cream!

And, there's Ellison... sweetpea!

Always good to see family and escape from reality.