Monday, May 31, 2010


As I am boiling eggs for potato salad this AM, I thought of random things I've learned lately.

1. Bamboo trees feel like velvet - thanks to Jackson for insisting that on our bike ride in the neighborhood we all stop to feel the bamboo.

2. Put the eggs in the pot before you have water it in - they tend to crack if dropped in water. Hence, inspiring the list today. It may be that it's also only 6:30A and I'm already making potato salad. But, it is Memorial Day and BBQ is on the agenda.

3. I truly appreciate how lucky I am for my health and my family. I've known this for sometime. Guess I've felt reminded!

4. Buttermilk is the secret ingredient for fabulous banana bread.

5. Jackson makes some mean homemade banana pancakes - Yummy!

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Memorial to Clutter

In an effort to utilize my 3 day Memorial weekend, I have vowed to work on organizing my house. First on the list is the kitchen. I've done a pretty good job on the pantry given I bought a crap load of tupperware recently. But, I have an issue with what ends up on my counters. Yes, that is the dog bowls up there! Julia loves to eat the dog food and drink from the dog water - lovely! Yes, I did take pictures for later torture during her teen years:) But, back to organizing! Below is the area of dread! I constantly try to organize it but it never works. It plaques me. I did the baskets for the cabinet cubbies which does clean it up a bit. Stupid design that I didn't pick but have to live with it. And, I'm not liking the windowed cabinets. Need to rearrange what's in those! Plus, I want to summerize (is that a word?) my closet now that it's 90!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Strawberry Day!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My day is runined!

I belly laughed at this scenario this evening! Jackson had a great day today. He went to school where they had music class and he has a music note stamp. Score! Then, he and Julia went to Ms. Ann's house for the afternoon which is an amazing place to explore. He made a scarecrow for the garden he helped plant. Then jumped on the trampoline with Mr. Charles (Ann's husband) and Tyler (Ann's 4yr old grandson). Only to get home at 7pm. What a great day!!

After a tickle session with mommy and daddy to change into PJs, he wanted to play Wii bowling. I said "No, let's do that tomorrow. You really should get ready for bed." To which I heard, "My day is RUINED!" REALLY! Ruined! Laughing very hard, I thought one game would save the day. He then proceed to slaughter his dad with a record score of 171 and daddy 147! Killer skills at 4! That made my day:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Entry" at your own risk..

On my to-do-list, I've decided that our entry way needs so spicing up. I think a nice table that I could put candles or maybe a lamp and have an area to put up holiday decor. I love our family pictures hanging in the entry. Scott has band any new frames because I'd fill our house with photos. I'm trying to just replace the photos with more recent ones but I have a hard time putting the older ones away. Further in the hallway are newborn pictures of Jackson and Julia that I cherish. Both of them had taken at only 2 weeks old. Back to decorating, I also have been back and forth on a stair runner. They are pros and cons. A big con would be needed to vacuum the stairs instead of sweep. Below is a picture to the right of the stairs.

When we moved into this house, the entry was a yellow color which wasn't bad but we you walk into the kitchen/family room its a warm sage-like brown. Plus, the dining room/living room (below) was a light blue! Horrible!! Warm to cool colors - painting was first on the list to change.

This is to the left of the entry. A living room open to formal dining which is barely used. The living room (below) is just a collect all of left over furniture. It does work but not what I'd choose for the room. I'll probably never change it. But seeing it in the photos, it could use some curtains and new pillows. The train table was moved from it's proper place for the Christmas tree. It needs to find it place - maybe a new home!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swinging champ

Jackson has learned to swing "all by myself"!! Hooray! What an accomplishment! Plus, I now envision being able to sit down more and chill in the backyard. Julia only swings for about 5 seconds then is "out".

Serious business

In a previous post, I commented that we had video distribution installation occurring in our house. At the end of 3 weeks, we are 98% done with the project:) This is the main "hub" for the new electronics/video distribution system. And, below is the back of this crazy amount of electronics. This will be housed in a specially ventilated closet on the 3rd floor. It is designed to distribute to all TVs our blueray/DVDs, rapsody music, vudoo video rentals etc..

Those are some major wires! Scott has been up til 2AM programming the functions. We can essentially control our house. Lights, music, TV, locks, garage door and alarm system are all controlled with the push of a button. Essentially a SMART house system. My husband's dream has come true! He really has been like a kid in candy store this week.

Unfortunately, a picture can't show the wall key pad well. But the left "light switch" is a 6 button programmable key pad. If you push the top left button colored red, it'll turn on the TV to kids channel and lights to 50%. Push another one and music will come on to a predetermined channel or play list. The possibilities are endless with what can be controlled. If you can think it, it can be done. Good thing we are going to die in this house!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decking out the dining

Here's the dining area just off our kitchen that I want to add some spunk. I'm looking (sometimes drooling) over a variety of rugs at Ballard Designs. (I absolutely love their stuff !) I've decided to go with an indoor/outdoor rug. With 2 small kids, do I need to explain why? Also, I'm considering making valences to deck out the windows and add dimension. I have to be careful of choices because this room connects to our family room. Challenging!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Summertime to-dos

Since I've started blogging, I have been reading other blogs and seems to be attracted to any on decorating. So now, I'm consistently looking at parts of my house to improve. Here's a list on things I'd like to do in the next few months:

1. Get a rug for the kitchen sitting area. It gets full sun so this would protect the wood and it needs some help. Considering valences to add spark.
2. Make, or more likely have made, a valence for the kitchen window. I have been goo-goo eyed over some designs in Calico Corners.
3. Do something with the entry way - new rug, entryway table, and or carpet runner for the stairs.
4. Paint the side garage door and front door.
5. Replace the mailbox.
6. Replace (definitely a hired job) the rotten wood on our porch and paint it.
7. Paint the 1/2 bath off the kitchen and actually decorate it.

That's quite a list for me. Don't know that it'll be complete by the end of the summer. But, looking at what others are doing is inspiring. Promise to add before and afters of the projects:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sharing mommies..

It's teacher's appreciation week in Jackson. He was to bring a flower for each of his 2 teachers today. He wanted me to bring him to school today so he could take his flowers. I have never actually taken him to school because he goes on days that I work. This was purposeful so I could spend time with him on my off days. However, he is only 4 and that logic escapes him. So, tonight he says, "mom, why didn't you take me to school today. Other mommies were there." I explained that I needed to be at work. He says, " that's ok, we SHARED a mommy". Really! Makes me want to laugh and cry in the same moment. I love my sweet boy.