Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decking out the dining

Here's the dining area just off our kitchen that I want to add some spunk. I'm looking (sometimes drooling) over a variety of rugs at Ballard Designs. (I absolutely love their stuff !) I've decided to go with an indoor/outdoor rug. With 2 small kids, do I need to explain why? Also, I'm considering making valences to deck out the windows and add dimension. I have to be careful of choices because this room connects to our family room. Challenging!


  1. I LOVE that color! I think we need a whole house tour. :)
    And I considered getting an indoor/outdoor rug because I have a husband, so I totally second your theory if children are involved!

  2. A comment - yeah!! I tried the website copy/paste and failed. My tech support , aka Scott, is drooling over programing the new video distribution stuff. But I can give a tour since I did figure pictures out! That'll be my next post.