Sunday, May 16, 2010

Serious business

In a previous post, I commented that we had video distribution installation occurring in our house. At the end of 3 weeks, we are 98% done with the project:) This is the main "hub" for the new electronics/video distribution system. And, below is the back of this crazy amount of electronics. This will be housed in a specially ventilated closet on the 3rd floor. It is designed to distribute to all TVs our blueray/DVDs, rapsody music, vudoo video rentals etc..

Those are some major wires! Scott has been up til 2AM programming the functions. We can essentially control our house. Lights, music, TV, locks, garage door and alarm system are all controlled with the push of a button. Essentially a SMART house system. My husband's dream has come true! He really has been like a kid in candy store this week.

Unfortunately, a picture can't show the wall key pad well. But the left "light switch" is a 6 button programmable key pad. If you push the top left button colored red, it'll turn on the TV to kids channel and lights to 50%. Push another one and music will come on to a predetermined channel or play list. The possibilities are endless with what can be controlled. If you can think it, it can be done. Good thing we are going to die in this house!!

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  1. wow! Rob is super jealous. I think I would get confused. ;)