Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Entry" at your own risk..

On my to-do-list, I've decided that our entry way needs so spicing up. I think a nice table that I could put candles or maybe a lamp and have an area to put up holiday decor. I love our family pictures hanging in the entry. Scott has band any new frames because I'd fill our house with photos. I'm trying to just replace the photos with more recent ones but I have a hard time putting the older ones away. Further in the hallway are newborn pictures of Jackson and Julia that I cherish. Both of them had taken at only 2 weeks old. Back to decorating, I also have been back and forth on a stair runner. They are pros and cons. A big con would be needed to vacuum the stairs instead of sweep. Below is a picture to the right of the stairs.

When we moved into this house, the entry was a yellow color which wasn't bad but we you walk into the kitchen/family room its a warm sage-like brown. Plus, the dining room/living room (below) was a light blue! Horrible!! Warm to cool colors - painting was first on the list to change.

This is to the left of the entry. A living room open to formal dining which is barely used. The living room (below) is just a collect all of left over furniture. It does work but not what I'd choose for the room. I'll probably never change it. But seeing it in the photos, it could use some curtains and new pillows. The train table was moved from it's proper place for the Christmas tree. It needs to find it place - maybe a new home!


  1. Oh!!! I love the colors that you've picked for the walls! That brown in the dining room is decadent! And those moldings! Gorgeous!

  2. Wow! You're quick. I barely finished editing the photos. Unfortunately, they export direct to be posted before I can add print. Anyway, still trying to post from a website. I have ideas to post!!! Work in progress:)