Friday, April 30, 2010

Julia's favorite things to eat...

Julia is nearly 2 years old now and has quite the appetite. Some of her favorite things to eat are:
1. Anything you are eating. 2. Yogurt - with her hand. 3. Dog food 4. Dog bones 5. Dog's water 6. Any dip - she was spooning the spinach dip with hand and spoon tonight minus any chip.... just documenting the craziness. It is quite entertaining, even for Jackson.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

From 60 to 0 in minutes...

Today was a work day. Ok... that was quite a silly statement because what day isn't a work day. Let me rephrase, I put my professional PA hat on today. It started off with a complete physical exam which is one of my favorite appointment. Gives me ample time to talk to my patients and get to know them better. Plus, I get to focus on details (cancer screening, heart disease risk factors, immunizations, family history, etc...). And, try to motivate them to make positive changes in their life. Unfortunately, it seems that weight loss is an extremely common discussion these days. I always love it when people make changes and are successful. That is one of the main reasons I do what I do. So, the AM continued into back pain, wrist pain, more back pain.... multiple patients getting Xrays which breaks up their visit. So, saw 12 patients in the AM then after lunch feeling good that the afternoon will be full and fast. And the brakes went on....only 2 patients.... painful!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An unusual week

This week is an unusual week for the Rhamy household. My husband, Scott, has taken the week off. His dream of video distribution for the entire house is finally happening this week. So, I suggested he be off from work to oversee the project. Fortunately, the company installing is more than capable so this gives him an opportunity for some son and dad time. My son, Jackson who is 4, is over the top excited to do "all the fun things" with his daddy. On the agenda for the week: trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, lunch at Burger King (more to play than eat), bowling, Chuck E. Cheese, and of course, going for ice cream. He loved the idea of leaving his "mischief maker" sister, Julia, behind. It's a rarity that he gets to do things just with daddy so I'm excited for him to have this week.

Plus, at the end of the week, our house will truly be a"smart" house with wall paneled controls for lights, TVs, locks on the doors etc. With a push of a button, we'll be able to turn off all the lights, lock all the doors, set the alarm, and cozy down in bed for sleep. Awesome! This isn't something that I'd ever plan to have for our house, but my technologically advanced husband is super excited. I have to admit it will be amazing to have everything distributed from one source in the house. Streamlining to the nth degree! Thanks to control 4!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

At the encouragement of one of my favorite PAs, I'm starting my own blog. I find myself thinking I should be journaling what my kids are doing and saying. But, I'm not even a baby book kind of person. So, here I am sitting on my back porch on a warm spring evening with a glass of wine and a husband off on-call writing down my thoughts for the world to see.