Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Come on in...

I don't know if it was the dog days of summer or just not in the mood to blog, but it's been sometime since I shared. Here's one thing I've been up to lately. A new entry! I found this table at the Lamp Emporium - pretty random place to find an entry table but they had just what I was looking for. A table that would (1) fit the small without causing an obstacle for the running path of the kids (2) deep colored wood and (3) character. I should have taken an above photo b/c the curves of the table don't show up well here but it's and amazing table. I'm probably going to replace the drawer knob with a crystal one.

Then, I happened upon the perfect mirror. Again, not the best detailed photo. I'll have to post the picture I took when I found it at Arhaus. Which, by the way, I'd love to just move into that store. I literally drool and have heart palpations when I am there.

And finally, the finishing touches start. I wanted something crystal or glass to lighten things up. I really liked this vase (or candle holder) for it's lines and options. Just got these flowers today at Tom Leonard's while shopping with Julia. Jackson was at his first day of preschool this year. What a big boy he is! I'm so impressed with his ability to just adapt to new environments and kids. When I brought him home, we actually used the front door and he walked in to say "wow". That definitely gave me the positive feedback I was looking for even if it is from my 4 year old!

I'd like to find a small lamp to join the vase and some smaller nick nack for the odd number of objects rule. But, I'm waiting to see if this vase lasts with the kids first.

More changes are coming in my bedroom:)