Friday, May 28, 2010

A Memorial to Clutter

In an effort to utilize my 3 day Memorial weekend, I have vowed to work on organizing my house. First on the list is the kitchen. I've done a pretty good job on the pantry given I bought a crap load of tupperware recently. But, I have an issue with what ends up on my counters. Yes, that is the dog bowls up there! Julia loves to eat the dog food and drink from the dog water - lovely! Yes, I did take pictures for later torture during her teen years:) But, back to organizing! Below is the area of dread! I constantly try to organize it but it never works. It plaques me. I did the baskets for the cabinet cubbies which does clean it up a bit. Stupid design that I didn't pick but have to live with it. And, I'm not liking the windowed cabinets. Need to rearrange what's in those! Plus, I want to summerize (is that a word?) my closet now that it's 90!

1 comment:

  1. Good luck!!! It always gets messier before it gets better! :)