Monday, May 31, 2010


As I am boiling eggs for potato salad this AM, I thought of random things I've learned lately.

1. Bamboo trees feel like velvet - thanks to Jackson for insisting that on our bike ride in the neighborhood we all stop to feel the bamboo.

2. Put the eggs in the pot before you have water it in - they tend to crack if dropped in water. Hence, inspiring the list today. It may be that it's also only 6:30A and I'm already making potato salad. But, it is Memorial Day and BBQ is on the agenda.

3. I truly appreciate how lucky I am for my health and my family. I've known this for sometime. Guess I've felt reminded!

4. Buttermilk is the secret ingredient for fabulous banana bread.

5. Jackson makes some mean homemade banana pancakes - Yummy!

Happy Memorial Day!!!


  1. I did not know that bamboo feels like velvet! Jackson is so smart!

  2. Now that I'm back at work and can log into a vpn (network of some sort) that makes my computer appear to be in London, I can access all of the blogs again.

    So I just read your blog end to end while I eat my lunch (leftover stirfry our ayi made for dinner last night) and I am LOVING it!! I like the fact that it's not just about the kids...I think i need to branch out with my anecdotal stuff.

    good luck with the redecorating. sounds like fun!