Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Looking for inspiration for little boy room

I'm consistently thinking about how to better rooms and get organized. One room I think about is my 5 yo son, Jackson's bedroom. He has this hutch/changing table that is suppose to convert to storage but it's huge. And, of course he can't reach the upper cabinets. I've been back and forth with built in drawers/shelves that flank the window in his room. And, a desk or a sitting bench to go under the window. Here's a few inspiring designs:

1. I think this one is my favorite. Looks so cozy! The drawers would serve as his dresser for clothes to eliminate the need for a space taking dresser.
boy's rooms - ivory roman shade black ribbon trim blue bench cushion built-ins window seat cabinets shelves blue striped rug yellow walls paint color blue boy's playroom

2. I like this one too. Interesting to have open shelving under the sitting area. Could use it for easy to reach books or baskets for toys.

girl's rooms - Lotus Flower Pendant white roman shade ribbon trim daybed blue green yellow zigzag pillows blue gray silk pillows brown bench cushion built-ins window seat shelves cabinets sophisticated girl's room

3. This one is more fancy and I'd simplify the lines. I'm more looking at the wood boarding above the window (I'm sure that has some name.) I think it makes the built in seem more of a unit but maybe a bit too much.

girl's rooms - glass-top desk chocolate brown headboard green blue pillows white built-ins window seat green cushion green blue striped roman shade blue walls ceiling

4. I like the book style shelves. I could do one side of the window in this style of shelving. But, will that carry to the teen years?

girl's rooms - playroom white blue striped ticking rug white blue zigzag chevron herringbone pillows red checkered pillows pink cushion white built-in window seat bookshelves roman shade

5. Obviously, this is way girlie. It's the only one I could find with a desk under the window instead of a sitting area.

girl's rooms - pink walls chocolate brown velvet headboard pink piping brown bed skirt pink green duvet pillows bedding white nightstands pink lamps built-ins desk shelves pink shag rug pink crystal chandelier

What your favorite? Desk or sitting area? It'll be there FOREVER! I need it to carry though his needs now and future. Thoughts?

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  1. Love those inspiration shots! I get all terrified when I think about home decisions that have to last FOREVER (with capital letters!). Can't wait to see what you do!