Thursday, June 2, 2011

Second Life Furnishings is open for business!!

It's official! Today, my friend, Deb and I opened our booth at Heritage Antiques on Staples Mill in VA. That's Deb and my daughter, Julia as we set up and tagged/priced all our goods. It's so exciting!!! Now, fingers crossed that we start selling stuff because we actually have enough things to fill a space 3x this size!

Yes, it's a bit cluttered but we have to get it in to sell. Our game plan is to rotate some things if stuffs not moving.

I'm in love with that white wing chair Deb reupholstered! She's amazing!! She's never been taught - just decided one day that she could do it and boy, can she!

I'm the painter. I get a little frustrated with fabric.

Wish us luck:)

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