Saturday, January 15, 2011

A sneak peak of more things in to come in the family room...

As I previously posted, my new chairs are set to arrive this Thursday. I've been anxiously awaiting them to make some changes in our family room. As you can see below, our ottoman is in a Florida state of mind. We've been in Virginia for 4 years now - it's time to de-palm tree the house! The geometric print in cream and brown will be the top and the silvery blue diamond fabric will be around the bottom with the stripe made into cording. It will look amazing!!

The pillows will be in the fabrics with alternating fabrics for cording and some will have fancy prefab cording.


I'm going to find spray paint in that silvery blue color and paint some of the decorative vases on the shelves to add more contrast.

Here's another look at my fabric finds - gotta love Williams and Sherrill (especially when there's a 20% off sale!!!)

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