Sunday, January 2, 2011

DC, here we come!

After surviving the Christmas holidays with sanity intack (sort of), Scott decide that we should take a train ride to DC. It quickly turned from a one day trip to see the dinosaur exhibit at the Smithsonian to ...well, we should just go from a couple nights so we can really see things and not be rushed. An hour after booking the train tickets and reserving a hotel room, I remembered! We have a dog! Poor Cody! I had completely forgotten him! Thankfully, our vet was open to take him that evening. So, off we went! Above is Jackson admiring the lion in front of Embassy Suites (which by the way rocked! Free buffet bfast in the AM!!).

The day we arrived. We went to see the White House. Julia and Jackson were thrilled just to be off the 2 hour train ride more than anything.

We toured the Natural History Museum. The rock exhibit was really cool! I love that they definitely have children in mind. And know they just need to touch things.

While Julia was taking a much needed nap, Jackson and I escaped to the Capital Building. This was his favorite! He talked about wanting to live here. But, after I said he couldn't climb a tree (just didn't think that was a good idea with a cramp load of armed guards around), he quickly decided there were too many rules to live in DC.

The Christmas tree was huge!! We never made it there at night to see it light up.

Jackson and I also ventured into the botanical garden (mainly b/c he had to go "pee"). He told me that Ms. Ann just lets him go in the bushes (again, didn't think that was a great idea given the armed guards). The gardens were beautiful. I'm glad he had to go to the bathroom:)

The last day was a trip to the Air Space Museum. Julia earned the "worst kid in the place award" that day. She threw her shoes and laid out on the floor over not getting marbles from the gift store. Two and marbles - don't think so! Anyway, we quickly forget those tantrums and focus on the adventure of fun! Scott has the dinosaur fossil pictures on his phone. I'll post once they are uploaded.

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  1. This is too funny!! I'm glad you guys had a good time!