Thursday, January 13, 2011

Table with some old fashion character - literally!

This is a view of the bay window area in our family room. As you can see, it's overrun by kid stuff. I'm reclaiming it as adult! My long awaited chairs from Arhaus are being delivered next week - very excited! I bought them about 8 weeks ago for a great price. They are now nearly double so I got them for almost a 2 for 1 price. I thought about finding used ones then recovering them but Scott has a serious cat allergy that worries me.

Today, on my always anticipated Mom's AM out, my partner in redecorating crime and I found an amazing table at Town and Country (a furniture consignment store I love). I saw it in the window as we pulled up and immediately loved it's shape. From the beginning, I wanted a round or oval table to nestle between my new chairs. Upon closer inspection, it had so much character. As you see above, the top has a old faint portrait of George and Betsy Washington.

The side edge has a flower metal running strip and the top of each leg has a painted bow.

The love the distressed look and shape of the table. It'll set higher than the arm of the chairs but I think it'll add the height the area needs especially with a lamp. I nearly passed on it because my husband now claims I'm added to much antiques. What does he know about decorating?!

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