Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have you lost your mind?

Not sure that anyone has REALLY asked me that question but I feel like it been implied some lately. As I've mentioned before, my friend, Deb, and I enjoy fabric shopping and redecorating. Well, since both our homes are pretty much done, we have this desire to continue to create but no where to put things. So, we've come up with this idea to "revamp" the ugly and old to make new and pretty again. I've termed it "chair flipping". Deb has already reupholstered 31/2 chairs to date and they are FABULOUS! I need to post photos of her before and afters. She found a tub chair and used a blue toile fabric - it was precious. She spent around $60 on fabric and the chair to see it for $500 at a consignment store!!!!

Here's the part where I may have lost my mind. I haven't really mentioned much that I work 20-24 hours a week as a family practice PA in a very busy office. Some days it can be quite stressful but I find it very fulfilling. Nothing like having someone say "I really must thank you". Plus, I have 2 small children that require a lot of attention most days. But, I just need to tap into my creative side. Time will tell how this will all balance out.

Lately, I've been collecting quite a few pieces of furniture from Craigslist and an auction house. Below is a fabric that we are going to use on chair #1 for my bedroom. It's going to be AMAZING!!! I have this fabric on a lumbar pillow for my bed now.

Chair #1 was $20

This is chair #2 - in the middle of it's redo process the weather turned cold (again) so I haven't finished spray painting. It was $16.

Chair #3 has a mate at Deb's house. We plan to each tackle one. We're going to use a nice thick white twill and toying with the idea on contrasting piping in Navy.

My garage is looking like some ugliest chair contest! Plus, I just won another chair at the auction yesterday. Details and finished pictures to come in the next several weeks!

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