Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My new bedside tables

Last Thursday I went to Alexander Antiques Auction with (of course:) Deb. I stayed up until 1AM! And, HAD to work in the AM - what! I rarely see after 10PM anymore - just not in my 20s anymore. But, it was SO worth it! I scored two new (ok, new to me) tables. Below is the bachelors chest I got for just $150! Can't buy a new one with that much character for under $800. I just need to secure the decorative plugs which I was going to switch out for crystal knobs but I so love these!

Don't you love them?

And, getting away from matching furniture, I went with this console type table for the other bedside.

I think they complement my new bed!

It's coming together. I have several other projects to complete then I'll give the whole before and after tour of the master.


  1. Wow, what a steal that chest is! I *love* it. Your room is looking incredible!

  2. Thanks Kelly! I have to say that your bed inspired my to tackle my headboard. Just couldn't quite convince my husband to go for the shape you made so had to compromise. Thanks for leaving a comment!