Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plywood becomes headboard

Lately, I've a ton of projects going on at once. About a month ago, my friend, Deb, and I made a upholstered headboard. I actually cut out the design myself - bring on the power tools! I don't know what it is but a saw make me feel powerful - strange but I liked it:) Once the design was cut out, we cut 1 inch foam with an electric carving knife (hard to find these days!!). We cut it 2 inches from the wood boarder then wrapped with batting. I wanted this nailhead trim so we went around the foam border with a staple gun to flatten the batting so the trim would lay flat. It worked! I was using the nailhead trim with every 5th hole that's a nail. Easy and straight! But, it took FOREVER to get the trim the mail! Finally, it was here today and I couldn't wait to finish the headboard.


Looks amazing! It'll be hanging on the wood soon. Saved about 500 bucks making this for a king size bed!!


  1. Beth! That looks AMAZING!!! I'm sending this to my friend, Karla. She'd love this!

  2. Thanks! I'll post the finished product next week - hopefully:)

  3. Beth, this is fabulous! We're about to finish our upholstered headboard (again) and I love your idea to have the two inches of flatness before the nailhead trim starts! We're trying to think if that will work for ours. I'm curious what nailhead trim you used? What finish does it have? It looks amazing!

  4. Kelly - I ordered the nailhead from It's the french natural. Sorry for the prolonged response.