Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moving onward and upward to the master bedroom

During my marathon pillow making, my hand-me-down 20 year old Singer machine broke. So, here's my super shiny fancy new Viking Emerald 183 machine. It is AWESOME! I can do the basic sewing now but it comes with 2 two hour classes to teach you how to use the machine - SERIOUSLY! WOW! I'm seeing many future projects - one day making dresses for Julia. If you told me even a month ago I'd care about having a sewing machine, I'd think you were crazy. But, I've got the bug to sew! It's fun to see what I can do and I LOVE picking fabrics.

And, here are my choices for my master bedroom. I'll be doing reversible euro pillows with the stipes and floral using the green/white circle fabric for cording and for a center 22 in pillow. The blue geometric will be a 14x36 lumbar pillow in the front. I was inspired by Sarah's House (a HGTV show that is about Sarah redesigning rooms). It's going to look fabulous! Can you tell I'm ready for Spring!!


  1. oh my goodness! The gorgeous trellis patterns! The jacobean floral! The beautiful colors!
    Seriously. Next time I need fabric, you're coming with me!

  2. Again, you saw it before the text but these are going in my bedroom! Love it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE picking fabric! :)