Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kitchen window valence

Here's the before

Gorgeous fabric with all the right colors and more of a cool tone to off set my never ending warm color palate.

I cut a 1x4 to the length on the window. Because I'm hanging it above the casing, I included the wood casing into the measurement. I purchased 1 yard of fabric but you could definitely get away with 1/2 yard especially if you didn't want to pull up the fabric to far.

I sewed drapery backing to the right side of the print fabric on the 3 sides the flipped it like a pillow to create clean lines. I used the whole length of the fabric (I believe it was 50 inches) and created a pleat on each side as you can see below. Then, you staple it into the wood board and hang with L-brackets. Easy enough and very inexpensive. These cost several hundreds if purchased.

I used small plastic circles that I sewed to the back in 2 inch increments to create a roman shade effect. You could buy wood to fit the inside of the window encasement (I probably use a 1x1 board) and use the circles at the far corners to create a totally different look.

And, here's the finished product. Plus, a new shiny fancy faucet:) Next to come is a tile backsplash. I'm thinking of a creamy subway tile with some distressing of the tile edges. Hope I can find it. And, despite pleas from my decorating partner in crime, that job will be left to the professionals. Sorry Deb!

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