Saturday, February 5, 2011

Recovered lamp shade

Old shade wasn't bad but just not quite right for my family room transformation ( which is progressing slow and steady).

Here's another shot of the before shade with Jackson as the lamp base.

And, here's the final product - ta da! I love it! Happened upon this brass lamp base at a thrift store for about $35 -score! It's even a 3 way light. I love the new fabrics golden thread detail and metallic hues with the brass. My husband HATES it! As one of the interior designers said to me while I was choosing fabrics, "that's the sign of a good find". True that!

It seemed like this was just a meant to be project because I found this detailed trim in the perfect colors for 39 cents/yd.

And the cutest decor in the house (along with Jackson), Julia was saying "cheese" while I was documenting the new changes. She's in her favorite PJs - the ball game ones:)

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  1. ohmygoodness! I love that lamp!!! Your husband is wrong! ;) I'm very impressed with your fabric skills, Beth!!