Monday, June 28, 2010

My Sweet Baby Girl

Ok, not such a baby any more! She's turning 2 this Friday. Many things lately have reminded me of her getting bigger. He recent escape from the crib (always a nightmare to have a child learn this skill). Her trying to comfort Jackson if he's crying. Her saying potty and sitting down on her little potty. Her snuggling her baby dolls and feeding them a bottle. Her ever expanding vocabulary and sentence making. Her wanting to dress herself but can't quite accomplish the task. Her scaling the rock wall to the jungle gym in our yard. But, fortunately, there are many things to remind me of how little she still is. Her wanting to be held and laying her head on my shoulder. Her paci-addiction - one for the mouth and one for each hand to go to sleep. Her refusing a sippy cup for nighttime milk and wanting a bottle while snuggling on my lap. Her special way of saying "mommy". I love my little girl:)

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