Thursday, July 1, 2010

A start with sisal

Finally, I decided on a rug for the eat-in dining area. It's sisal with a black fabric border. I think it pulls the room together, and with the eventual addition of valences, this will be an awesome area. I made a run to UFab, which is a discount fabric store in Cary town, this past weekend. Of course, I found fabric for other projects. I bought a cool zebra print microfabric to recover the kids rocking chair and make some fun pillows for the family room. But, I'm still on the hunt for valence fabric. I'd like to find a reversible print some I can use on side for the eat-in area and the other side for the kitchen window. This was done in the house we rented in Duck and it looked great. Maybe Williams and Sherrill will have what I'm looking for. Guarantee I'll pay for it if I find it but I do look at these windows everyday!

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