Sunday, June 13, 2010

Currituck Beach Lighthouse in Outer Banks, NC

We just returned from a week long vacation in the Duck area of the Outer Banks of NC. Being from Florida, our family never ventured to the outer banks for a beach vacation so this was my first experience and it was beautiful. I'll blog later about the beach. In our rush to escape home, I left my smaller portable camera at our rental house (along with a empty suitcase in the closet - brilliant!). But back to the lighthouse, it was amazing! Jackson was so excited to see the lighthouse with me. He climbed all 214 steps and descended all by himself.

The stair case is a spiral with gorgeous tile at the bottom.

The view from the top of the lighthouse. Jackson didn't inherit his dad's fear of heights.

A view of the detailed windows that are on the roof of the top floor.

A view of the interior brick. This exterior brick of the lighthouse was left unpainted to distinguish it from the other lighthouses in the outer banks. The approximate number of bricks used is 1 million!

The Currituck Lighthouse was the last major brick lighthouse built in the Outer Banks. It was built in order to cover a 40 mile stretch of dark coastline in 1873.

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  1. I've been there! Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you had a good time. We MISSED you!!! (and not just because of patient volume, but that did have something to do with it!) ;)