Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Big Reveal....not of my own doing....

If you've been reading my blog, then you already know I have a partner in redecorating crime, Deb, that is self taught in reupholstery. Did you get that - self taught, like never took a class!!! She does amazing work!!! I really need to do more of her before and afters. We traded talents. I got a new chair for my neverending bedroom redo while she is getting a dresser painted for her girls room (more to come on that). Above is the before - awful peach velvet chair and below is just ......AMAZING!!! I have a hard time not jumping up and down literally!!! It's beautiful!!!

After - it really is the same chair people!

And, it's nestle across from my bed. I've got some ongoing ideas to finish the space which I'll save for another post because the chair is just "ENOUGH said"!

Big kudos and hugs to Deb - I love your talent and drive! You keep us moving forward in our adventure!


  1. GorGEOUS! Where can I get a Deb of my own?!