Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where I've been...

I haven't blogged in some time now. Guess I just needed a break. I was full speed ahead until we took a vacation to Clearwater, FL early this month. It was a combo of visiting family and attempting to relax. It seemed to be a candid camera vacation! Things did not go according to plan... rarely do they when involving a 5 and 2 year old.
As I uploading the pictures, I thought "wow" this looks like a great vacation - quite misleading. My mom was in the hospital right before the trip so she and my dad couldn't participate in our plans like we all wanted. So, we ended up driving to their house several times. Plus, Julia (2) came down with a GI bug - yuck!! And, she just didn't really have fun doing much of anything. Plus, the hotel I choose on Expedia didn't have a beach!! What! Seriously! I almost moved our hotel and in hindsight I should have. Oh and, we had to evacuate the hotel one night at midnight - seriously, I'm not making this stuff up! But, now as I write this blog and see our photos, it was a worthwhile trip. We got to visit family and smiles and fun were had:)

Kid pool at our hotel

Conquering the jungle gym at the beach

Julia pretending to have fun at the beach. This is the day she got sick.

See, not so happy

Jackson playing in the waves. Don't worry Scott was right in with him.

Tackling an iguana at Lowry Park Zoo

Water fun at the zoo

visiting grandma

Ah... serenity...nothing like sitting right on the water for lunch

Pirate ship cruise was a blast. And, "free" beer/wine etc for the adults!

Shooting daddy

Pirate Jackson

This is the boat we went out on for 2 hours. They really did an awesome job of entertaining the kids.

And, squeezed in a sunset on the last day:)

We truly needed a vacation from our vacation which is probably why I've been sluggish on my projects. But, we all do need a break:)

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