Saturday, November 20, 2010

Change in gears... documenting a near death experience

About 2 months ago, my husband went on a guys trip to Costa Rico with some of his high school buddies. One of them was turning 40 (as did Scott this year) and decided to take advantage to celebrate big. On of the adventures they did was white water rafting down the Rio Naranjo. Above, is Scott contemplating his decision to go. I swear I can see him thinking, "I rather be hanging out just drinking beer"!

And, now you can see why! It was a class 4 rapid in areas! None of these guys had rafted in many years, if ever! Scott said the guide gave them a look of "oh great" when he asked their experience levels.

I just want to yell "PULL" with the above shot. Scott is front left with biceps burning.

Scott told be to say "WTF"! They literally thought they were going to die. Apparently the raft went underwater several times! Glad I didn't know this as I was probably watching TV back home.

Scott, after the rapids, looks glad to be on solid ground again!

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